Growing Fresh Vegetables for Neighbour to Neighbour

Helping with the Giving Garden

We are able to donate fresh vegetables  to N2N because of the  youth and adults  that volunteer. To get involved, sign-up on the calendar below. Just click the days you want to water the garden and click on Sign-up link.

Garden rules during COVID-19

We will not be hosting any group gathering for planting or harvesting this year.


  • To maintain social distancing we will keep sign-up to one household group per day
  • Not more then 8 people in the garden bed area at a time
  • Everyone in the garden must respect social distance of 6 feet or 2 meters (unless with members of the same household)

Screening before Gardening;

Touching and sanitizing;

  • The tool bin is off limits so please bring your own tools temporarily
  • Sanitize your hands before and after entering the garden area
  • To harvest and drop off at vegetables please were mask and wash hand thoroughly before touching the vegetables.
  • Downlaod the Prevent the SpreadInfo Graphic

Watering Sign-Up