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  • February 15, 2023 - 7:00 pm

WHAT: If you’ve never done Bible study or you’re looking for a fresh take studying the Bible, this is for you!

HOW: Author David Bruce writes “My aim isn’t to convince you that I’m right or that the church is right or even that the Bible is right, but to present the Christian take on life in a conversational way and encourage you to decide things for yourself.”

START DATE: Feb. 15,  7:00 p.m.

LOCATION AND FORMAT: Hybrid Zoom and Face to Face

COST: Free

Materials Needed:

  1. A Bible that is a translation or version — not a paraphrase.
  2. A readings package Jess will create for you. The book is out of print.
    Each readings package will be available a week before the session.

This study will likely run from February to June with pauses for board meetings and other events as they arise. Participants will determine the pace of “study” and will decide how frequently they want to meet. (Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly).

Contact the church office for further information 905-383-7411 and leave a message with Jess.